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Echo Words in Tamil and other South Asian languages.

Echo words Echo words are a characteristic feature of colloquial dialects of all languages spoken in the Indian sub continent and Sri Lanka. In spoken colloquial dialects of Tamil, we often come across partial word repeats (reduplication) of the type contained in the … Continue reading

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A framework for analysing the role of Language in Ethnic Group relations in SriLanka

Language is one of the most salient components in determining an individual’s or a communuity’s perception of Ethnicity. The relationship between language and ethnicity however is often very complex and dynamic and each context has its own unique combination of interacting factors. Describing and … Continue reading

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Demonstratives and deixis in Tamil and Sinhala.

Demonstratives are words like here/there/over there/yonder, and this/that.  In Tamil, these words begin with the syllables /இ,i/அ,a/ or /உ,u/  (சுட்டெளுத்து) as in inta/anta/unta (இந்த/அந்த/உந்த). In Sinhala, the words are based on the four member set mee/oyə/arə/ee. This class of words, or parts of words (prefixes, … Continue reading

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Word Endings in the South Indian and Jaffna spoken dialects of Tamil

There are many aspects in which the South Indian and Jaffna dialects of spoken Tamil differ. One of the more prominent set of differences are in the ways that the relevant sounds are used at the end of words. This type … Continue reading

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